How can I get a sample?
You can request samples of all the colors we offer by visiting our Request A Color Sample page and filling out the form.  Your samples will be delivered in 1-2 weeks.

What if I need a shower pan in a size that isn't listed on your website?
We are able to make custom-fitting shower and bath solutions that are tailor-made to your exact needs and specifications.  Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss your custom project.

Will you send me material for my home?
Unfortunately, we only deal in commercial products in large quantities.  We do not sell to individuals or homebuilders in small quantities.

What is the standard lead time on your products?
We do not stock any finished materials, however we lead the industry in short and efficient lead times. Lead times may vary from project-to-project based on quantity and product needs.

Where are your products manufactured?
All of our tubs surrounds, shower pans, and accessories are made in the USA. Our business takes no shortcuts in producing top-selling products in the cultured marble industry.

Can I return extra material for credit?
We do not offer returns.  Your materials are fabricated to your particular specifications, and we do not stock or store finished material.

What kind of adhesive(s) should be used?
We require MPL Silicone for maximum adhesion strength when adhering wall panels.  Our MPL Silicone is available in assorted colors for sealing perimeter and inside corners.  For more information, see our Installation Instructions.

What saw blade should be used to cut MPL products?
We recommend using a circular saw with a masonry blade to cut our products.  A diamond blade could also be used.  See our Installation Instructions for more information.

Is there a recommended height for soap dishes?
We recommend installing our soap dishes 48″ from the floor in a shower. In a tub, we recommend installing 12″ above the tub rim and another 48″ above the finished floor.

What shower drain do you recommend to be used with your shower pans?
Oatey® 140-101 Plastic No-Calk Shower Drains are designed for use with preformed shower stall bases.

What is the largest that a panel can be made?
We can manufacture panels up to 120″ tall x 84″ wide, depending on pattern selection and location considerations. See Specification Sheets for each product for maximum size.

Is there a sales representative in my area?
We have competent and experienced sales representatives located throughout the U.S.  Please fill out the form on our Contact Page and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.


If you have a question that isn’t listed above, please Contact one of our representatives.